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EOv05_front_cover_SmallEmotional Options: A Handbook for Happiness

Follow this step by step handbook to free yourself from hidden beliefs that block happiness and success. Make healthier choices in life. Dare to reach for what you want — or attract it to you! This workshop-in-a-book shows you how to uncover, explore and discard the self-defeating beliefs that hold you back. When people discover that what they believe is just not true for them, they dissolve feelings of anger, fear, and doubt that have seemed inevitable — often for years. The result is happiness and the infinite opportunities that await beyond limiting beliefs!

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Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past

During painful and challenging times we often form beliefs that block future happiness and success. We continue to live by those limiting beliefs without being aware of it. They lead us down very different paths from the ones we take when we are clearer and happier. Travelling Free is a workshop-in-a-book to help you identify and clear those beliefs, learn how to make better choices and how to tap into your natural desire and creativity.

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Accepting Miracles – Video

Break out to Miracles! Miracles abound; you just have to accept them.  To learn how, listen to the inspiring talk that brought the house down, recorded live at the Miracles Weekend in San Diego with Joe Vitale. About 60 minutes.

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Part 1 Miracles Abound

Part 2 Limiting Beliefs

Part 3 The Power of Acceptance

Beliefs About Love – Audio

This funny, insightful audio teaches how to break out from beliefs that block love. Do your beliefs about love sabotage cupid? The good news is there is enough love for everyone! About 25 minutes.

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Beliefs About Love


Choosing Happiness – Audio

Mandy Evans Live at Interface.
This recording includes an overview of the Option Method and rare Option Dialogues with real people working on real issues. Learn how to identify, explore and unravel limiting beliefs. To your happiness!

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Choosing Happiness

Peace with the Past – Audio

Recorded live at the Betty Ford Center in California. In this revealing hour long talk, Mandy Evans tells the story of her childhood as the daughter of a violent alcoholic father and how she made peace with her own past. During challenging times we form beliefs that we continue to live by without knowing it. Learn how break out from beliefs you adopted in your past that block success and happiness now. About 60 minutes.

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Peace with the Past