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Dare to Face the Empty Place

“It’s like you’re swinging through the jungle,” she said. “You swing along from vine to vine and then you can’t reach the next one.” You have to swing out farther than you ever have and let go or just hang on, swinging back and forth, back and forth until you’re exhausted.

One of the exquisite benefits of my work is sharing people’s beliefs, hopes, dreams, wisdom and insight in such profoundly intimate ways. The quote above came from someone in a private session.

When you let go of the vine, sometimes you cannot even see the next one. You face the empty place.

When a relationship ends, a loved one dies, a job is lost, a game plan heads south, a dream turn to dust — it’s easy to grab on to something, anything, to avoid facing the empty place.

If a fine new vine presents itself, hooray! Grab on and keep swinging through this beautiful jungle called life.

But what about when you can’t see a new opportunity yet? Or you reach for a new vine and miss? Like a student in a workshop who told us that she had expended vast amounts of energy and money in endeavors that were doomed to fail, over and over again.

She became aware that she had believed she could not endure living without a game plan. So she never assessed her chances for success. She never even thought about it. For her any game plan, even one that had no chance had seemed better than none at all. She had not know how to find or challenge that limiting belief.

Who, for example, has not watched with concern as a loved one clutches at the slimmest hope of a relationship to avoid being alone? Have you done that too? I sure have.

How many of us have faced the prospect of a job ending before another materializes with fear and dread?

All you see, all you feel is the empty place.

The sages, through the ages tell us to be still and wait.

Everything else (the media, our friends, the popular values in society) tells us that we are in big trouble!

You know that saying that nature abhors a vacuum? The last time I entered the empty space to see what nature had to offer, within a week I can felt a new sense of freedom, space and possibility — a sweet free-floating sensation. I began to feel a new sense of direction.  Then I began to create again.

If you are between vines, I’d love to hear from you. We can be still and wait together, though sometimes it only takes a few minutes!

As you wait, you can focus on what you know you welcome, what you would like to attract to you or move toward.

For me it is:

* Opportunities beyond my wildest imaginings to love, and be useful in ways that in utilize my skills, talents and insights well.

* I want to have a lot of fun and be very happy.

* I would like to connect with amazing people who also want to fill the world with love, joy, generosity of spirit and abundance for all.

Wishing you great happiness, success and wonderful new opportunities to fill your empty places.