50 Beliefs About Money Quiz

How Many Hold You Back?

What you believe about money plays a leading role in your level of prosperity and happiness. But the vast majority of us never think about our beliefs at all. We just act on them, live by them and are often bewildered and upset with the results.

These are actual beliefs about money from real people, in my workshops and classes. Some of them are familiar and some so unique that they seem strange. They can cut off the flow of money or slow it to a trickle. The very same belief that helps one person to thrive may hold someone else in poverty or despair.

Which ones hold you back?

1. Money is the root of all evil. (The actual quote is “The love of money is the root of all evil.”)

2. I don’t deserve to have a lot of money.

3. He (she) doesn’t deserve to have a lot of money.

4. There is not enough money to go around.

5. If I have a little more than I need to get by, someone else has to go without.

6. If I am successful, people will hate me.

7. It is better to take less than to be responsible for someone else’s hardship.

8. Democrats punish the rich.

9. Republicans punish the poor.

10. If I make a lot of money, I will be betraying my father who never made much money.

11. The rich get richer.

12. The poor get poorer.

13. I am smart and talented; I should get more!

14. You should always use money well.

15. Money is hard to deal with.

16. Money is hard to get.

17. You have to work hard to get it

18. To save money you have to do without things.

19. Time is money.

20. I can’t have money and free time.

21. Money is not spiritual.

22. You have to do lots of things you don’t like in order to have money.

23. I do not have enough to share or give away.

24. Accepting money obligates me.

25. It is better to take less than my due and be free from sticky situations.

26. To be a valuable person, I have to work more for less money than other people do.

27. Having money stops you from being happy.

28. Money spoils you.

29. I will never have enough.

30. If I don’t feel bad about past mistakes and afraid about the future I will make the same mistakes again. (From an investment broker)

31. It’s best if I just want enough to get by.

32. You get what you deserve.

33. Being super conscious about every single penny is the good, the right thing to do.

34. Never buy anything that you don’t need.

35. If you were a smart woman you would be supporting yourself easily by now.

36. If you were a smart and cute woman you would have married someone with money by now.

37. I always rent; owning a house would be too scary.

38. I would never feel secure if I had to be responsible for much more than a hammock.

39. I have to own my own home to feel secure – unless I had at least maybe a yacht.

40. Worrying about money is tacky.

41. If I make a million dollars, I might lose it and then I would feel stupid and hate myself forever.

42. I want to have a lot of money when I get old, then people will be nice to me.

43. I never want people to know I have so much money because people are really mean to rich people.

44. If I get paid a lot people will find out that I am a fraud.

45. Daddy will like me better if I don’t spend much.

46. Everybody wants more; when it comes to money, more less is better. In other words, it’s best to the most poor of all.

47. There’s somebody else inside me that spends all of my money.

48.  I spend money on something that breaks I’m stupid.

49. f I had lots of money, I could buy a beautiful, hot sports car. Then I could get a beautiful, hot woman – then I could finally relax and forget about the whole thing, you know. I could just be happy.

50. It’s not fair that those people have so much more money that I do.

Different beliefs limit different people.If you checked any of these beliefs, go though them one by one to see if they block prosperity, happiness or success in your life. Answer these three questions about each limiting belief, especially #3.

1.) Why do I believe that?

2.) Is it true?

3.) What might I be concerned would happen if I did not believe that?

When you find out a limiting belief you hold is simply not true, celebrate your breakout! I would love to hear what you find. Send me an email at http://mandyevans.com/contact.